There are several telecom Energy solutions and it is sometimes difficult for the MSP to pick the best solution that fits their needs and requirements. Many Energy solutions require more than one solution to be implemented in an integrated manner. Do the selected solutions really meet the current and future business requirement? MSPs require a solution that covers most of the network operational requirement. Vendors usually offer solutions that meet few customers’ network operational requirements in an isolated manner. This increases the cost of the implementation and complicates the procurement processes.


Our Energy Systems Integration service provides our customers with high assurances in selecting the best matching solution to their energy problems. We identify the integrated solutions that meet your requirements. We provide a feature based test-bed that ensures you get the maximum from the solution while helping vendors to develop a robust solution that maximize customer satisfaction.


We develop an Integration framework that is built on the Telecom Application Map (TAM) that searches for better fitting solution. We examine each solution against our Energy research knowledge base which contains features, features values, optimization capability and testing methodology against empirical data collection. Next the results from the above two steps are combined to produce an optimized integrated solution.

Market Segment

MSPs who needs to introduce optimized Energy solution. Operator’s Group that need to have blue print energy solution feature design. Energy Vendors who need to develop better products.