MSP faced by high bill of their energy cost which represents 75% of OPEX, around 15-30% of this cost can be cut down with proper Energy Efficiency optimization. More than 50% of outages in most telecom networks are due to energy related causes. Selection of robust energy source with good dimensioning can enhance service availability and reduce outage costs and revenues lost. The Technology is fast changing requiring focus on portfolio optimization that can reduce energy consumption from the cradle phase. Sites in remote locations depend heavily on Diesel Generators (DG) which is usually characterized by cute environmental impact as well as low reliability. We help clients to introduce clean source, cut down Co2 emission and add a sustainability dimension to their business. .


The consultancy arm of EC services aims to establish the main areas of improvement within MSP’s radio access network. It identifies the network elements/hardware/software/functions in need of change and quantifies any potential energy and cost savings. These savings are usually in the range of 25-30% across a typical Radio Access Network (RAN). Help MSP to have insight view of its energy structure, demand, supply, economy and efficiency. Offer energy provisioning efficiency through audit and assessment that pinpoint the efficiency areas (Technology, service, Source, Structure, procurement, design ) and the root causes behind deficiency  and recommend strategic action plan toward sustainability , green and clean Energy, and optimization. .


dot.energy approaches the Energy Efficiency challenge by utilizing a fine grained analysis and target assignment resolution on a radio site by radio site basis. The audit gives you an insight into the power consumption by using two benchmark dimensions, intra and inter-benchmarking. This results in a solution matching the overall optimization objectives of your operations. We directly finds the Energy pain area and bottom-line causes behind it and recommend the ingredients for the solution using a tied customized recommendation depending on technology, economy ,and sustainability aspects as well as a quality assurance plan for business transformation and capacity building.