Majority of the Energy inefficiencies come from weak energy source dimensioning. Performing portfolio optimization can reduce energy costs by a considerable amount. Proper dimensioning of energy source saves both investment and operational costs. We help you to pick smart source for all your energy demand cases and recommend the best fit solution. The problem of energy optimization in MSP network is usually addressed using few fragmented dimensions resulting in a locally optimized sources totally isolated to the network and its characteristics. We provide our customers with global optimization that search for integrated optimization dimensions of economic, CAPEX, OPEX, technology and service provision.


We provide MSPs with best fit optimized energy source selection including a detailed feasibility study of the broad options from different scenarios. We also offer smart transformation of your procurement business process.


We utilize large Energy Knowledge Base and intelligent optimization system to serve your needs. We utilize an Energy Optimization Model (EOM) with detailed information about the cutting edge Energy saving technologies. Many MSP groups have large unified procurement processes, we help to provide a robust blend of energy technologies dimensioning and procurement process optimization and investment management. This is achieved through providing a systematic unified detailed feasibility study that goes beyond economic insight to technical and sustainability insights. This approach helps in paving the way toward making your business sustainable.

Market Segment

Have a big new investment and need a verification of the Energy solution and dimensioning. Need to reach an economy of scales in a unified energy procurement process and a smart technology and economic optimization. Want to introduce a smart new technology with less energy impact. Are faced with hard investment constraints and need to do more with less.