More than 50% of RAN outages are due to power. This has large impact on revenue loss and service quality Energy and Power Management systems are loosely coupled with Network Operation Centre (NOC). There is a need for capacity building to be integrated with alternative Energy planning, procurement, finance and operation. Large number of projects fails due to lack of capacity building. It is difficult to make the recommendations on Energy solutions to work due to the distributed low integrity business planning at the departmental boundary level. A more holistic approach that embeds energy into business planning across the concerned departments is needed.


We provide best fit training with a focus on business transformation. Our training kits are customized to maximize the match to your business needs while providing capacity building for your workforce. Available training topics include: Alternative Energy Planning and Dimensioning. Financial and Business Aspects of Alternative Energy. Smart Operation of Telecom Power System. Best practices for Energy Procurement


The delivery of our training and capacity building follows an extensive process and capabilities audit on your operations. We aim to identify the gap in your business processes and build your capacity program accordingly to meet the bottom line needs of coupling the network operations with energy management. We adopt the following frameworks in the delivery of this service: Structured Knowledge Transfer (SKT) framework Integration Framework – utilize an Energy Total Quality Management (ETQM) framework that integrate the business planning framework with the Information and Application Frameworks.

Market Segment

MSPs who need to optimize their Energy costs efficiency. MSP who need to improve their operations excellence and reduce outages due to power. Operators who plan to introduce green sustainable energy